Stepper does not hurt the knee (new stuff)
2021-04-08 11:45:11

In the past two years, many people have added a "stepper" fitness partner at home. According to the statistics of the State Sports General Administration, steppers have become the most popular choice for family sports, and sales results far exceed those of other home fitness equipment.

“Compared with ground sports such as running and jumping, the main advantage of the step machine is that it can slow down the pressure on the knee joint.” Professor Lu Yifan from the Department of Sports Medicine of Beijing Sport University told the Life Times reporter. The stepper is equivalent to climbing the stairs and climbing, which not only ensures a certain exercise intensity, but also buffers the impact of the weight on the joint by the hydraulic device. Therefore, the stepper is suitable for both young people, middle-aged and elderly people with degenerative bones and joints, and overweight and obese people.

In addition, the latest steppers come with a balanced cable (hand strap) and a rocking function. With the rhythm of stepping on, the arm pulls the elastic rope to rotate left and right, or swings up and down like running, and has a certain fitness effect on the shoulders and arms. After the movement is familiar, you can twist the waist and hips while stepping on, and achieve the purpose of body movement and exercise coordination. In addition, the stepper has a small footprint and is suitable for being placed at home. It can be watched while watching TV or listening to music, eliminating the need to go to the gym and favoring many busy urbanites.

However, Lu Yifan pointed out that in terms of exercise intensity, the stepper does not have special advantages. It is not as magical as the “fast burning fat” promoted in some advertisements. The specific exercise effect depends on the individual's exercise time and intensity.

In addition, when you start to use the stepper, you should pay attention to prevent falling. It is best to step on one foot first, and then slowly step on the other foot. Old people can also choose a stepper with handrails to help the body maintain balance. In addition, it is best to practice in groups, step on it for 5-10 minutes, take a break, do some stretching and stretching exercises, and gradually extend the time of each step. Finally, like all sports, stepping on the stepper should also be step-by-step, from slow to fast, from small to large, don't just step up and squirm. In terms of exercise intensity, it is advisable to sweat but not feel stressed, so as to avoid muscle and joint damage caused by excessive force and excessive time.


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