Electronic display details
2021-04-08 11:44:28

Display description

1) Function and usage:

Number of times: Shows the total number of sports

Time: shows the time of exercise

Calories: Shows the amount of calories burned during exercise

Times/min: The average number of minutes of exercise

Scan: automatically switch the function display every 4 seconds

Reset (clear): Accumulate the previous data, press and hold the MODE button for more than 2 seconds, all parameters are cleared to zero.

Auto power off: The screen will automatically turn off after 2 minutes of stop motion, and the last parameter display will continue when it moves again.

Supplementary explanation: The screen displays two parameters at a time, press the MODE button to switch between the parameters, and the small triangle next to it will jump.

2) Installation and maintenance:

(1) The electronic watch can be inserted into the watch stand; the electronic watch uses one battery of the seventh battery, the polarity must be correct when installing the battery (otherwise it will damage the instrument); if the electronic watch is not displayed, it may be The battery has been drained and you will need to replace the battery.

(2) When the display becomes dark or the display is incomplete, replace the battery with a new one;

(3) If the display is incomplete or unresponsive when the new battery is installed for the first time, please take out the battery and wait for 15 seconds before installing it again.